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Welcome to the Exchange Club of Cedartown!

2016 fair sponsors

entertainment sponsors & schedule

fair opens at 3 p.m. today! lamb show is at 6 p.m.

We have been serving Cedartown and Polk County since August 4, 1927. The mission of the Exchange Club is to support Youth and Child Abuse Prevention. Our primary fund raiser since 1961 has been the Polk County Fair which is owned and operated by the Polk County Fair Association.

Exchange Club of Cedartown
P.O. Box 543
Cedartown, Georgia 30125
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the hon company

The Polk County Fair has been the primary fund raiser of the Exchange Club of Cedartown since 1961 and is owned and operated by the Polk County Fair Association.

For information on admission, regulations, and sponsoring, please select one of the appropriate sub-menus on the Polk County Fair tab.

**For any additional information regarding the fair you may call 770-748-1309. Please leave a detailed message on what you need.**

     6 - Martin & Simon West
     7 - Ballet Garden Group
     8 - To Be Announced

Sponsored by: cedar hill senior living


    6     - Little Cedar Youth Group
    7     - Cannon Rogers
    8:30 - Audience of 1- Young Gospel Group from Victory Baptist Church

Sponsored by: trammell lawn care

    7 - savannah bentley

    8 - cowboy house of praise (praise team)
    9 - scarlett wool
sponsored by: Richard long, realtor: hardy realty

    6:30 - to be announced
    8     - little known letter
    9     - cannon and the boxes    
sponsored by: geo specialty chemicals

    6 - To Be Announced
    7 - elvis
    8 - wicked guns
    9 - isaac streetman & redneck romeos
sponsored by: law offices of Gammon, anderson, & mcfall

2016 Polk county fair